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Introduction to NeoTechnocracy

What is NeoTechnocracy ?

NeoTechnocracy is  an applicable type of technocracy.

Why NeoTechnocracy ? Because the original technocracy, borned at the beginning of 1900's is TOO FAR from the actual socio-political system to be applicable, and DO NOT OFFER THE METHODS to migrate from the actual social and political system, to the new one. The classical technocracy introduces  A LOT of COMPLETELEY NEW CONCEPTS too new and radical to become acceptable for the majority of the people in a lifetime. The classical technocracy show us a new socio-political system and present it to us to be perfect and ask us: "Do you like it ?". Let's suppose we like it. What is the way to implement it ? Only that majority of the people to want it ? If so, this thing can happen over 100 hundred years or more. But people have problems to solve now, for them and their children. Almost no one of us is thinking how will live their nephews, because we have TOO MUCH PROBLEMS NOW. Crisis, war is knocking at the door in more and more places, disasters. No time to think how will be the far future. There is time to think how will be in the near future, less then 100 or even 50 years. The classical technocracy is offering us a COMPLETE REVOLUTION of humanity. This is UNREALISTIC while millions of people are killing each other every year. People are NOT EDUCATED to use technology in a responsible manner.

The classical technocracy offers us, SPECIALISTS form DIFFERENT DOMAINS to rule us and ELIMINATE POLITICIANS. Let's say this sound good, but until NeoTechnocracy came and say: Politics is the management of state affairs. This means that politics is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary job that involves SPECIAL QUALITIES that are not present at the classical economists, linguists, in pedagogy etc. Classical technocrats don't have all this special qualities required for politics/state management affairs. There is no school for politicians, that will train people to MAKE POLITICS, to have a CORRECT PUBLIC BEHAVIOR. Now students learn NOT HOW TO BEHAVE in politics, how to debate etc., but only things about politics, history, manipulation, institutions etc. They don't learn about HOW POLITICS SHOULD BE. The classical technocrats/specialists generally speaking, ARE NOT AT ALL INTERESTED IN POLITICS, PUBLIC DEBATES etc. The classical technocrats are somewhere very high, grasp of daily reality and grasp from people. That's why people DO NOT UNDERSTAND THEM even if in essence many of their approaches are RIGHT. So, NeoTechnocracy DO NOT promote the elimination of politicians from society BUT, the idea that system/society must WELL TRAIN PROFFESIONALS FOR POLITICS (the management of state affairs) - POLITICIANS - instead.

NeoTechnocracy offers a most close to reality CONCEPT. NeoTechnocracy borned in 2007, starting from REALITY and not FROM UNREACHEABLE IDEALS/IDEAS/DREAMS.  NeoTechnocracy it's BASED on reality, and build to SERVE THE REAL SOCIETY and not to be forgotten in books.

NeoTechnocracy PROMOTES PEACE as the MOST VALUABLE ASSET of a society.

NeoTechnocracy provides mechanisms for PROTECTING DEMOCRATICAL VALUES against the aggression of extremist elements which tend to eliminate democracy using it's own mechanisms.

NeoTechnocracy is promoting EDUCATIONAL mechanisms to MAINTAIN THE STABILITY of the socio-political system by the preservations of NATIONAL VALUES AND CULTURE. It DO NOT promote the MIXING of ALL CULTURES in ALL NATIONS, but THE COMPLETE INTEGRATION of immigrants in their adoptive nation. It is normal that immigrant TO ADOPT the culture and customs of the adoption country, AND NOT that their culture and customs to DISSOLVE the culture and customs of the communities that accepted them. Every nation must conserve it's own values, and not, to mix chaotically everybody's cultures in the name of wrong understanded freedom. 

NeoTechocracy REFINES DEMOCRATICAL CONCEPTS and defend INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS and NOT the rights for groups of individuals over the rights of other groups or individuals.

NeoTechnocracy offer the concept of Technocratical Politician. This means a professional politician, serious, with a correct behavior and attitude, that DO NOT USE MANIPULATION as tool to gain power or to rich other INTERESTS, DIFFERENT the PUBLIC INTEREST.

The NeoTechnocracy DO NOT PROMOTE a revolution, at least NOT A FAST ONE. NeoTechnocracy promotes the REFINING of an already existing system and a GRADUAL and PREDICTABLE migration to a MORE EVOLVED socio-political system.

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